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Steel Strapping Tensioner

Steel Strapping Tensioner



(N&N: Strapping - Steel Tensioner) Manual Heavy Duty Strapping Tensioner, Tool Style Feed-wheel.
Manual tensioners for steel strapping can be brought to the work location and do not require an external power source or attachments. They are used for low-volume applications or where access to a power source is limited. The operator pushes a lever to tighten straps before a seal is applied and sealed using a Steel Strapping Crimper. Tensioner tools for steel strapping pull the ends of the strapping to secure the strap around the bundle before sealing the ends together. Steel and zinc-coated steel strapping bands are used to secure heavy loads or loads with irregular or rough edges, such as wooden shipping crates, cement blocks, lumber, and machinery.
Attribute nameAttribute value
Shipping Length15"
Shipping Width4"
Shipping Height4"
Load Capacity (lb)5