N&N Truck Kit

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We've taken the guesswork out of the equipment buying process!  Our team has designed a custom Truck Kit Package to affordably and efficiently outfit your new move truck!  Our kit is designed to outfit our 20-28’ box truck with the basic essentials to have your truck move ready mile-one!

Includes the following:

10 16' Ratchet Strap  1 Red Stevens Appliance Dolly with 2 Ratchet Straps
6 16' Cambuckle Strap 1 B&P Powder Coated Black Dolly
1 Door Jam Protector 3 18" Orange Safety Cone 3lb
7 72x80 Woven Pad 80-85lb per Dz 2 Small Wheel Chock - Standard #68-8
1 Rubber Bands Small Tan Dz 1 Set of Three Fluorescent Triangles
1 Rubber Bands Medium Green Dz 1 First Aid Kit
1 Rubber Bands Lg Blue Dz 1 Master Pro Series Locks (Keyed Alike)
10 21" Tarp Tie 1 Pad Pallet 4 Fold 18"x40" w/o Straps
10 31" Tarp Tie 2 Pad Pallet Straps 1"x15' All Purpose
2 H Dolly with 3.5" Casters 1 Rubber Band Holder