Now an Authorized Fleet Graphics Vendor for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®


N&N Moving Supplies is proud to present Odyssey Graphics to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® franchises across the country!

Your fleet is your livelihood. It is also your daily touch point with suppliers, vendors, customers and many in the general public. Your trucks or trailer offers a unique rolling ‘billboard’ to present your brand to tens of thousands of people each day. If you have a clean, well-maintained unit with professional graphics, you continually reinforce your quality brand every time your unit is on the road.

Professionally installed fleet graphics is a high return on investment. Let us promote your brand and equip your truck, today.

Graphics Pricing

TMT Vinyl Graphics Kit for 20' Body: $650

TMT Vinyl Graphics Kit for 24'-28' Body: $690

Mud Flap Pricing

TMT 24" Mud Flaps: $35

TMT 30" Mud Flaps: $40

TMT 36" Mud Flaps: $45

Custom Branded Truck Kit for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®

We have designed our Truck Kit to meet the basic needs of moving vans to help simplify and streamline your equipment purchases. The Truck Kit will get your new moving van on the jobs quickly and ready to start the return on you investment.

Two Men Truck Kit Includes:

  1. 10 Branded 16' Ratchet Straps
  2. 6 Branded 16' Cambuckle Straps
  3. 2 Branded Door Jamb Protectors
  4. 7 Dozen Branded Premium Moving Pads
  5. 1 Dozen Small, Medium & Large Rubber Bands
  6. 1 Rubber Band Holder 3-Prong
  7. 10 21" & 31" Black Rubber Tarp Ties (Bungees)
  8. 2 Four-Wheel H-Dollies
  9. 1 Stevens Appliance Dolly w/2Ratchet Straps
  10. 1 Black Branded Box Dolly
  11. 3 18" Orange Safety Cones 3 lb
  12. 2 Standard Black Wheel Chocks
  13. 1 Fluorescent Triangle Kit
  14. 1 First Aid Kit
  15. 1 Master Lock Pro Series 6121
  16. 1 18" x 40" Pad Pallet
  17. 2 Pad Pallet Straps 15'

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