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Packing Supplies 101

  • Smalls
  • Mediums
  • Tape
  • Stretch Wrap

Smalls, or 1.5's, are one of the core boxes for pack jobs. These are used for small heavy items like books, dishes, glasses or other knick knacks. Dimensions are 16" x 12.5" x 12.5" with a 32 ECT.

Mediums, or 3.0's, are another core box for pack jobs. The majority of items will go into medium boxes, and they branded with the College Hunks logo and information. Dimensions are 18" x 18" x 16" with a 32 ECT.

Our tape comes in two different sizes and two different colors. Tan is more widely used as it tends to tear a little easier and provides a nicer look.  

Our two sizes are 110 yard and 55 yard. The purpose of 55 yard tape is to prevent waste. Movers tend to leave materials at job sites, so the less tape on the roll the less you waste (also saving you money!)   

Stretch wrap is a must have in the moving community. It is used for a variety of things including securing pads in place over furniture. Clear is most commonly used but we do carry black stretch wrap which is thicker and a lot more durable but this should only be used on specialty items.  

Home Protection Kit Information

  • Home Protection Kit
  • Door Jambs
  • Almond Stick
  • Green Neoprene
  • Full Door Cover
  • Bannister Covers
  • Duffel Bag

We've taken the guesswork out of your home protection needs. Your College Hunks branded Home Protection Kit includes ALL of this:

  • 2 Bannister Covers 72"
  • 1 Full Door Cover
  • 2 Branded Door Jamb Protectors
  • 1 Almond Stick
  • 3 Rolls of 20' Neoprene Rug Runners
  • 1 Branded Duffel Bag

Prevent dents and scratches to reduce claims all while having that professional appearance!

Just attach the padded protector to any door opening with the large clips and it will firmly stay in place.

Your Home Protection Kit includes 2 College Hunks Branded door jamb protectors. 

The Almond Stick is a customer favorite! We call it the "magic eraser" of wood scratches. It's secret family formula is soaked in a tightly rolled cotton stick that's used to efface surface scratches.

The Almond Stick is very simple to use, just open the can and unwrap the blue wrapper. Then rub either end on the scratch until it fades away!

Your Home Protection Kit includes 1 Almond Stick.

Neoprene is one of the most essential home protection products since floors and stairs can be the most expensive to repair. It's reusable, water-resistant material makes this a number one choice for floor protection.

Your Home Protection Kit includes 3, 20' Rolls of Neoprene.  

Also available in Black, Red and Blue!

Damages to elaborate doors can be costly! Some movers may actually use a regular moving blanket to cover a door but these specialty pads make things so much easier and provide a cleaner look.

Velcro fasteners make it a breeze to simply slip on the cover and attach it firmly into place. Your Home Protection Kit includes 1 Full Door Cover.

Bannisters tend to be an afterthought when it comes to home protection. Having bannister covers included in a full kit keep everything protected.

The Home Protection Kit includes TWO 72" covers that sport 3 velcro attachments to keep everything in place.

Also available in 36" for smaller cut bannisters.

This heavy duty duffel bag really completes the whole picture for home protection and has many benefits.

Everything in the Home Protection Kit fits perfectly in this bag and creates a mental checklist so nothing is left behind on jobs.

Some movers like to use the College Hunks bag just for their neoprene alone. Your Home Protection Kit includes 1 Branded Duffel Bag.

The choices are endless!

Ordering is simple! Just call 1.866.470.PADS

Truck Kit Information

  • Truck Kit
  • Cargo Control
  • Home Protection
  • Moving Equipment
  • Truck Safety

We've taken the guesswork out of outfitting your new 26' box truck. Your College Hunks branded kit includes ALL of this:

  • 10 Branded Green 16' Ratchet Straps
  • 6 Branded Orange 16' Cambuckle Straps
  • 2 Branded Door Jamb Protectors
  • 7 Dozen Branded Premium Moving Pads
  • 1 Dozen Small, Medium & Large Rubber Bands
  • 1 Rubber Band Holder 3-Prong
  • 10 21" & 31" Black Rubber Tarp Ties (Bungees)
  • 2 Four-Wheel H-Dollies
  • 1 Stevens Appliance Dolly w/2Ratchet Straps
  • 1 Orange OR Green Branded Box Dolly
  • 3 18" Orange Safety Cones 3 lb
  • 2 Standard Black Wheel Chocks
  • 1 Fluorescent Triangle Kit
  • 1 First Aid Kit
  • 1 Master Lock Pro Series 6121
  • 1 18" x 40" Pad Pallet
  • 2 Pad Pallet Straps 15'


Control that precious cargo! Ratchet and Cambuckle straps clip into the Etracks in your truck so you can secure bigger items like furniture or stacks of boxes. Your kit includes 10 Ratchet Straps and 6 Cambuckle Straps.

The Master Lock is weatherproof and the highest quality. Be sure to write down your key number, you can purchase additional locks in the future that are keyed the same! Your kit includes 1 Master Lock.

Tarpties are very versatile, they can be hooked into Etracks or clip them together to act similar to a rubber band. Your kit includes 10, 21" Tarp Ties and 10, 31" Tarp Ties.


Moving blankets are one of the most essential pieces of moving equipment. Your truck kit includes Premium 85 lb moving blankets for maximum protection. The 85 lbs refers to the thickness of each pad, this means the weight per dozen pads equals roughly 85 lbs. Our Premium blankets have woven material on each side which will extend the life of them and prevent tears. Your kit includes 7 Dozen College Hunks Branded Premium Pads.

Door Jamb protectors not only provide a professional look, but also protect the most commonly damaged area during moves. Just attach the 3 clips to the door frame and it will stay securely in place. Your kit includes 2 College Hunks Branded Door Jamb Protectors.

The essential equipment for moving and hauling are included in your kit. This 3-Prong Rubber Band Holder clips right into an Etrack to keep all your rubber bands organized and tangle-free. Your kit includes 1, 3-Prong Rubber Band Holder.

Rubber bands are great for securing moving blankets to furniture in lieu of stretchwrap or tape. This method not only prevents ruining pads with residue from tape, but saves you money with a reusable option vs. using stretchwrap. Your kit includes 1 Dozen Small, Medium and Large Rubber Bands.

H dollies are perfect for pretty much everything! Wheel one or two under a dresser, smaller appliances or even couches for an easy move. The industrial strength grip insures a firm hold on your cargo. Your kit includes 2 H-Dollies.

Appliance dollies and box dollies are the bread and butter of moving. Your SRT 2R Appliance dolly is equipped with 2 Ratchet Straps to secure heavier items (like appliances) and has built in stair glides! You also get your choice of either an orange or green box dolly, both include College Hunks branding on the front. Your kit includes 1 SRT Appliance Dolly and 1 Branded Box Dolly.

Pad pallets keep your moving blankets organized easily. Blankets tend to be tossed around which can pile up and create a messy looking box truck, keep them all in place and secured. Thread your pad pallet straps through the holes underneath the pallet to secure your blankets even through the bumpiest of rides. Your kit includes 1 Pad Pallet and 2 Pad Pallet Straps.

Outfitting your new moving truck is more than just moving pads and dollies. Truck safety is just as important as protecting your cargo, we've taken the guesswork out of what essentials you need. The first aid kit included in your truck kit has everything you need in case of an emergency on the job. Your kit includes 1 First Aid kit.

Safety cones and fluorescent triangles are also required for your new box truck. Your kit includes 3 18" Safety Cones and 1 Fluorescent Triangle Kit (3-piece).

Wheel chocks are used as extra protection to prevent your truck from rolling away. Just place one wheel chock behind each of the back wheels to keep it secure. Your kit includes 2 Standard Black Wheel Chocks.

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