Shoulder Dolly Accessory Hooks

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These work in conjunction with the harness of the Shoulder Dolly #LD1000 or #LD2000. The accessory hooks are ideal when moving round items or objects with handles or edges. Package includes two 6′ x 5″ pieces of polypropylene webbing with an attached 2″ metal hook on each end.
Allows items that are round or have handles to be lifted safely and easily and more efficiently.
Each accessory strap feeds into the movers harness, then each person is able to set the metal hook under the handle or item to be moved. The Shoulder Dolly Lifting system allows the movers to adjust the webbing to the size of the item. Incorporating tension and leg strength, movers can lift and carry odd shaped items more easily.
The Accessory Hook is the ideal tool for: Welding gas canisters, grasping round items with handles, landscaping items such as trees and bushes, moving objects in a shop, compressors, or dragging items from one location to another.