Moving Equipment Truck Kit

We designed our Moving Equipment Truck Kit to meet the basic needs of an average 26’ moving van to help simplify and streamline your moving equipment purchases. We have include basic safety needs, moving van equipment, and moving blankets for a reduce cost – Saving you time and money!

Quantity      Items

10 pc.           16’ Ratchet Straps w/ E-Track Fittings
6 pc.             16’ Cambuckle Straps w/ E-Track Fittings
2 pc.             Quilted Door Jamb Protectors
7 dz.             85lb Premium Moving Pads – Blue/Blue
1 pc.             Pad Pallet – 4 Fold 18” x 40”
2 pc.             Pad Pallet Straps
1 pc.              H-Dollies w/ 3.5” Non-Marring Casters
1 pc.              Stevens SRT-2R Red Appliance Dolly w/2 Straps
1 pc.              N&N Aluminum Box Dolly w/Never Flat Foam Tires
1 dz.              Small Rubber Bands – Tan
1 dz.              Medium Rubber Bands – Green
1 dz.              Large Rubber Bands – Blue
1 pc.              Rubber Band Holder w/E-Track Mount
10 pc.            21” Black Rubber Tarp Ties aka Bungies
10 pc.            31” Black Rubber Tarp Ties aka Bungies
3 pc.              18” Orange Safety Cones
2 pc.              Wheel Chocks – Standard Size
1 pc.              Triangle Kit w/ 3 Fluorescent Triangles
1 pc.              First Aid Kit
1 pc.              Master Lock ProSeries 6121 (Keyed alike option)